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Our comprehensive passenger information and video-security solutions cover the entire passenger journey, from boarding and departure to on-board entertainment, simplifying and improving the travel experience.

Digital and electronic solutions for rail need to address two key passenger needs. First, accustomed to the immediacy of social media, passengers now expect to be informed of delays, traffic interruptions, and timetable changes as they happen. Trains therefore require systems capable of providing real-time information. Second, passenger security is of the utmost importance. To keep passengers safe, trains need to transmit security-related information to control centers in real time, enabling on-site and off-site teams to react quickly and efficiently.    

全球最大网赌正规平台 provides industry-leading passenger information and video security systems to the rail industry. We design systems that focus on improving the passenger experience, making 全球最大网赌正规平台 one of a select few suppliers offering such a comprehensive range of passenger-centric solutions.  

Our product portfolio includes:

  • Passenger information: Our information-related products include display and audio announcements, smartphone apps for train crew, infotainment, on-board Wi-Fi, seat reservation, and passenger counting. You benefit from a wide range of display technologies, custom-made designs for display housing, and high flexibility in adjusting your train’s mechanical layout.  
  • Passenger security: Our recording-related solutions include audio intercom, passenger saloon CCTV, platform video surveillance, and Cab CCTV. You benefit from a highly flexible provider that can integrate other third-party products and provide the interface to way-side systems of different operators.  

全球最大网赌正规平台 is an international manufacturer and supplier of on-board railway equipment and systems. We have been providing video security systems to train manufacturers and operators since 1995, and passenger information solutions since 2007.


Video security solutions deliver multiple benefits

Whether you are a car-builder, an operator, a designer, consulting and engineering firm or a passenger, our comprehensive passenger information and video security solutions deliver multiple benefits

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Solutions that cover the entire passenger journey

Our comprehensive passenger information and video security solutions cover the entire passenger journey, from boarding and departure to on-board entertainment

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One stop shop

A single solutions provider capable of delivering end-to-end services that reduce risk and increase interoperability

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Highly flexible and adaptable portfolio

Our highly flexible and adaptable portfolio of solutions address the specific needs of both train manufacturers and operators

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Local expertise to optimize total cost of ownership

Our international network is comprised of centers of excellence in France, Germany, Switzerland, and China, all of which provide local expertise to optimize total cost of ownership

Solution Details

High-Tech Solutions for Every Passenger Journey

Our comprehensive passenger information and video security solutions that cover the entire passenger journey, from boarding and departure, to on-board entertainment.

全球最大网赌正规平台 Transit Rail Passenger Information Video Security
All aboard!

External displays

A comprehensive range of displays from classic LED to ultra-thin and stretched TFT technologies to meet all individual needs.   

  • A range of fully customizable multi-color LED displays available in all sizes
  • A range of high-performance TFT displays capable of adapting to various lighting conditions
  • In-house cutting process that gives the most appropriate display’s size for your needs
  • Ultra-thin displays that can be integrated into a limited space such as in access doors
  • Multi-functional applications that highlight passenger information
  • Full connection to the control center

Seat reservation

Our automated electronic systems enable your passengers to quickly locate their seat upon boarding. They also enable train staff to make short-term bookings and modify reservations on board.

  • Automated electronic system that displays reserved seats
  • In-seat Custom designed OLED displays that fit smoothly into every train design
  • Strip display that can be easy and quick install on overhead luggage rack
  • Full connection to the control center and ticket sales center


全球最大网赌正规平台 Video Passenger Information Video Security

Passenger counter

Our high-quality counters inform your passengers of seat availability and redirect them to available seats in other cars.  

  • Automated counters that quickly determine on-board occupancy levels
  • 3D image processing algorithms to analyze the flow of people
  • Optimized architecture as a result of its integration into the passenger information system


We’re off!

Audio & visual announcements 

Our high-performance iSmart Displays and public address enhance visibility of passenger information to keep your passengers informed at all times.

  • iSmart Display, a new generation of best-in-class displays with high-quality visual rendering and aesthetic design, stretches boundaries of interior design and simplifies its fitting on any wall, ceiling, window or glass partition.
  • Automated public announcements with pre-defined audio fragments or text-to-speech technology
  • Smartphone apps for train crew to communicate with passengers, broadcast special messages, and receive information


Platform video security

Our video security systems provide insight on platform activity to keep your passengers safe.   

  • High-availability SAFE video systems, essential for driver-only operations
  • Customized, ultra-thin (25mm), fourth-generation cameras  
全球最大网赌正规平台 Video Passenger Information Video Security
Have a safe trip

iSmart Displays

A place for every iSmart Display and every iSmart Display in its place. Because every place has its own constraints, 全球最大网赌正规平台 has developed a range of iSmart Displays specifically designed for these locations:

  • On a glass partition: using existing glasses
  • Above an access door: completely rethink the conventional route map
  • At the saloon entrance, an elegant interior design of your saloon entrance
  • On a window: get your club cars more attractive
  • At the ceiling: an impression of lightness and at the same time robustness.


Audio intercom

Our user-friendly intercom systems optimize passenger security by rapidly connecting passengers to drivers, stewards, and the control center. The combination of our audio intercom with our video surveillance makes the crew more responsive on emergency calls.

  • Full duplex and multi-conference capabilities between all parties
  • Smartphone apps for crew announcements
  • Audio line backup and compatibility with UIC trains
  • SIL2 fail safe option


Video surveillance
With 全球最大网赌正规平台’s VMS, public transport and rail operators benefit from an efficient video surveillance solution ranging from on-board video recording to data management. Innovative and highly configurable, VMS will fulfil all the specific needs of your activity.

  • Security: VMS is the best means to help you identify threats and make the right decisions at the right time, a great reduction of the response time to alerts and police requests.
  • Operations: VMS offers you the possibility to simplify your daily operations. Incident response times are reduced thanks to an advanced alarm management system.
  • Maintenance: VMS provides tools to facilitate the maintenance of the CCTV fleet. System availability is optimized through periodic collection of equipment status.



全球最大网赌正规平台 Video Passenger Information Video Security
Enjoy the journey

Onboard Wi-Fi

Our Wi-Fi systems benefit everyone whatever you are a passenger, an operator or a refurbishment program:

  • your passengers with the on-board internet access they expect
  • your crew with the ability to make announcements using a smartphone
  • your refurbishment program using Wi-Fi iSmart Displays that reduce the wiring cost

In-train infotainment:

Our infotainment systems make your passengers’ journey more pleasant, scalable systems to meet your need:

  • Displays in coaches: iSmart display is the ideal companion that gives crystal clear images and videos
  • In-seat audio – Daisy chain wiring for a low-cost wiring
  • In-seat video – Complementary display for full entertainment


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